CAMELOT - 2006 - Photo Album
All Images Copyright 2006 Brian Silverstein

"Merlyn, why have you never taught me love and marriage?"

"St. Genevieve! St. Genevieve!
I'm over here beneath this tree."

"Where are the simple joys of maidenhood?"

"Then slowly it slid out of the stone...And that's how I became King."

"Only you, only I,
World farewell, world goodbye..."

"Proposition: We have battles
for no reason at all. Then why?"

"Camelot! Camelot! In far off
France I heard your call."."

"Tra la!  It's May.  The lusty
month of May.""

"That lovely month when ev'ryone
goes blissfully astray..."

"Name of King Pellinore.  May
have heard of me, what? 
What? What?"

"Then you make take me to
the fair, if you do all the things
you promise."

"Oh, bulrushes! How can a chap make the right move with the town crier blasting away in his ear?"

"Sir Dinadan's in form and feeling in his prime..."

[Lancelot restores Sir Lionel
to life.]


"To be invested Knights of the
Round Table of England..."

"Yes, I love them. I love them, and they answer me with pain and torment."

"Yes, Your Majesty. I am Mordred."

"What do the simple folk do,
to help them escape when
they're blue?

"I shall build him a wall three
and seven feet tall..."

"Fie on goodness! Fie!"

"I loved you once in silence,
And mis'ry was all I knew..."

"Your table is cracking, Arthur.
Can you hear the timbers

"In the dying candle's gleam
Came the sundown of a dream."

"Goodbye my
dearest love."

"Who are you boy?  Where did
you come from?"

"Think back on all the tales that
you remember of Camelot."

Don't let it be forgot, that once
there was a spot..."

[Curtain Calls]
All Images Copyright 2006 Brian Silverstein

Savoyard Light Opera Company
Update: 21-Nov-2006 BAH