IOLANTHE - 2003 - Photo Album

"Tripping hither..." "Tripping thither..." "We are dainty little fairies, ever singing, ever dancing...
"Iolanthe! From thy dark exile thou are summoned!" "Come to our call...Iolanthe!"
"With humbled breast, and every hope laid low..." "None shall part us from each other..." "We are peers of highest station..." "Can he marry his own ward without his own consent?"
"Though dating from the Flood, Blue blood..."
"I heard the minx remark she'd meet him after dark inside St. James's park and give him one!" "Tis I...young Strephon!" "And a Duke's exhalted station be attainable by MCAS examination!"
"Young Strephon is the kind of lout we do not care a fig about!"
[Act I Finale]
"When all night long a chap remains on sentry..."
"When Britain really ruled the waves..." "Look at that man!" "Oh foolish fay, think you because..."
"...His brave array my bosom thaws..."
"Love, unrequited, robs me of my rest..."
"...your bedclothes all creep to the ground in a heap..."
"But your slumbering teams with such horrible dreams... "Faint heart never won fair lady!" "When ever I see you kissing a very young lade I shall know it's an elderly relative."
"My lord, a suppliant at your feet I kneel..."
"You're a fairy from this moment." "Then away we go to Fairyland!" "Everyone is now a fairy!"
[Finale Ultimo]

Savoyard Light Opera Company
Update: 25-Apr-2004 BAH