THE SECRET GARDEN - 2004 - Photo Album
Preset Prologue
"Clusters of crocus, purple and gold..."
"High on a hill sits a big old house
with something wrong inside it..."
"There's a girl who noone sees,
There's a girl who sleeps alone"
"I heard someone crying,
Who though could it be?"
"In India, my Ayah dressed me."
"A man whio came to my valley,
A man I hardly knew..."
"Are you my Uncle Archibald?" "Skip, skipped the ladies to the master's gate..."
"Back again today are you?" "A body has to move gentle and speak low
when wild things is about"
"Show me tha' key..."
"Might I have a bit of earth, sir?"
"She wants a little bit of earth,
she'll plant some seeds..."
"In love, alive, and whole in Lily's eyes..."
"I am Colin...I see no one and no one sees me..."
"Comin' a terrible storm,
Shakin' the souls of the dead...."
Mary opens the door to the garden.
"I can arrange what he wants,
He's left it all to me..."
"The garden's dead...It's cold and gray..."
"To race you to the top of the morning,
Come sit on my shoulders and ride..."
"How could I know I would have to leave you,
How could I know I would hurt you so?"
"Mary Lenox, for as long as you will have us, ...
we are yours, Colin and I..."
"...and this my lovely chiild ... is your garden."

Savoyard Light Opera Company
Update: 22-Nov-2004 BAH